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Happy Holidays, New Year/Decade 2020!

Happy Holidays!
Merry Christmas!
Happy New Year &
Happy New Decade 2020!

Merry Christmas in 5 languages

I wish you a Merry Christmas, and a very Happy Holiday Season; whatever holiday you may be celebrating;
May it be filled with Love, Joy, and inner Peace!

Blessed is the season

Here is how to have more Joy in your Holiday Season:

Open Your Heart and practice Gratitude, Kindness and Compassion. You will experience more Joy, knowing that you are  contributing to the energy field of everybody around you. If everybody does this, the whole world will benefit.



Happy New Year 2020

I wish You a Happy New Year &
Happy New Decade 2020!

May it bring you the fulfillment of your most precious dreams;
May it be filled with Peace in your home and in the World; &
May it be New, in the real sense of the word New
— not the same old year repeated over and over again! 

Here is how to create a brand New Year:

Your life now is the result of the decisions and choices you made in the past. Therefore, if you want a better life (Happier, Healthier, more Peaceful and Meaningful); you need to start making better decisions and choices, big and small, every day.

How to do that? As you make decisions, ask Your Heart, will I be Happier, Healthier, at Peace, and have a Meaningful Life? You always have a choice. How do you know that you have made the right decision? You would be at Peace!

Also, read books; take courses; ask for help; hire a trainer or a coach; join a club or support group of like-minded people, etc. We all need help!

Happy New Year

My wish for You:

May You Be Happy, Content and Prosperous!
May You have Good Health, a Warm Home, plenty of Joy, Laughter and close Friends and Loved ones, with whom you can share your many Blessings!
And above all, I wish You Peace in your Heart and in your World.

May You make Being Happy a Priority in 2020!


* * * * * * * * *

Zafira Labadi

Happiness & Wellness Coach
Tel: +962-7-77225590




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