The Science of Happiness?

There is a Scientific way to study Happiness — it is called Positive Psychology, known as the Science of Happiness, where the focus is on Cultivating Core Strengths, Self-Esteem, Resilience and Optimism. 

Scientific researches in the Science of Happiness show that we all can learn to Be Happy, regardless of our age, circumstances, or even our genes. Happiness is within Reach and Accessible to anyone, and can be Sustainable for Life.

What is Happiness?

True Happiness is much more than just a good mood or passing pleasant feeling. It is a State of Mind and a Higher level of Consciousness. It is Spiritual, Mental, Emotional, and Physical.

Scientists have measured Happiness and found out that a Happy person has more activity in certain parts of their Brain, their Heart beats Harmoniously, and their Body has chemistry that promotes Growth and Healing.  

In the following video, Matthieu Ricard, a Biochemist and Buddhist monk, talks about “What is Happiness, and how can we all get some?” He shows you that you can train your mind and learn new habits of Well-Being, to generate a true sense of Serenity and Fulfillment.

Matthieu Ricard – The Habits of Happiness

As you can see in the above video, the Scientific Studies in Neuroscience and Brain Imaging Techniques have proved that Happiness is Real, Measurable, and Achievable, and that only You is Responsible for your own Happiness.

Why Happiness Matters?

Happiness is the ultimate goal in life. Everything we do is to make us Happy. Besides that, medical evidence suggests that being Happy affects our Health, our Memory, and our Capacity to Heal, Learn, and Solve-problems. In addition to that, by Being Happy, you will make the World a Better Place, because Happiness is contagious, and therefore, when You Are Happy, everybody around you will Benefit.

Happy people tend to:

  • Be Healthier and Heal faster;
  • Be more Creative and Confident;
  • Be more Productive and Successful in Life;
  • Have Happier Relationships and Stronger Network of Friends and Allies.

What Determines Our Happiness?

Researchers have found that no matter what happens to us in life, whether good or bad, we tend to return to a fixed-range of Happiness within a couple of months to a couple of years, depending on the event: they call it “The Happiness Set-point”.

Our Happiness Set-point is determined by our genes (50%), our circumstances (10%), and our Intentional Activities and Choices (40%).

Our Happiness Set-point will remain the same unless we make a Concentrated Effort to Change it. The Good News is that it can be changed when we learn and practice the Skills and Practices of Happiness.

Enjoy the Little Things!

“Enjoy the little things
for one day you may
look back and realize that
they were the big things.”
~ Robert Brault

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