About Zafira!

Zafira Labadi

is a Happiness & Wellness Coach;
Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and Reiki Practitioner.
Here background is in Human Resources Management, Business Administration and Modern Languages.  

Zafira started her Coaching Career in 2010, after she left her job as a Human Resources Manager; as she realized the power of these Teachings to Transform People’s Lives.

She was inspired by one of her Teachers who told her years ago:

“We must teach what we learn,
and we teach best what

we most need to learn.”

Over the years, Zafira had distilled the best of what she had learned and had been proven to work.  She dedicated her Coaching Career to educating and helping her Clients Transform their life; and live Happier and Healthier.

Zafira loves travelling, reading, learning, walking in nature, and meeting people from all cultural backgrounds. She is a life-long learner and educator by nature: she is continuously studying and teaching the Universal Principles of True Happiness and Wellness to all those who are willing to take the journey.

Zafira hopes that you found the information on this website of tremendous value!  She welcomes your inquiries and will be happy to answer your questions about her Happiness Coaching Programs, and how you can benefit from them. She dedicated her Coaching Career to helping her Clients get the highest return from their investment in themselves.

May You Always Be Happy, Healthy and at Peace!

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