Want To Be Happy?

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Want to Be Happy?

Everybody wants to Be Happy, Healthy and Successful; yet it is NOT easy! Why?
 Because you are constantly bombarded with a lot of confusing and conflicting information; false claims; and misleading advertising. 
So, where do you start? And how do you find the Truth? You start by educating yourself: by reading this fact-filled guide, which is written to help you understand what Coaching is really all about, and how you can benefit from it; so that you can make an informed, intelligent decision; and avoid the common mistakes that most people make

Your Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Coach!


What is Coaching?

Coaching is a high level of personal training. It is the best and fastest way to help You bring about Positive Changes in Your Life, Achieve Goals, and Overcome Challenges.
Coaches educate and support their Clients to achieve their goals through lifestyle and behavior adjustments. They provide strategies and tools, show you how you can progress rapidly, and give you honest feedback.  

Why You Need a Coach!

We ALL need all the help we can get! All the successful people, in all walks of life, from arts, to sport, to business, without exception, have Coaches that helped them achieve their goals.
If you want to accelerate your growth in any area of your life; achieve a worthy goal, or overcome a challenge; it would be very beneficial to hire a Coach. A good Coach will help you become the best version of yourself.
Life is short, and without guidance, you can waste valuable years trying to gain knowledge from various sources. It is better to have a Coach or Mentor so that you can learn faster.
Most Coaches have been on this road for a long period of time; they will share with you what works, and what does not. Their knowledge becomes yours, therefore, they will save you a lot of time, energy, and money. 
Clients come to Coaches for many reasons: some people want to become Happier and Healthier; some want to become more Successful in their careers; some want to overcome a challenge; others want to find Meaning and Purpose in their Life.  

The Most Common Misconceptions About Coaching!

Most people believe that:
1. They do not need a Coach. We All need help to Be the Best we can Be.
2. A Coach will make them Happy, Healthy and Successful.  Your Coach will show you how to become Happy, Healthy, and Successful; you must implement, practice, and take actions.
3. Coaching is like Talk Therapy; they waste a lot of time talking about their problems. Scientific research shows that talking about problems does NOT help; it can actually make things worse.  


The Biggest Mistakes Most People Make!

1. NOT Hiring a Coach: All Happy and Successful People Do!
2. Choosing a Coach or a Coaching Program Based on the Price.
3. Fail to Implement What They Learn. Attending a Coaching Program is NOT enough; you must implement, practice and take actions. If something doesn’t work for you, tell your Coach and they will help.
4. Not Being Fully Committed. Your commitment, showing up on time, being honest, and honoring your words and agreements, reflect your self-respect. 
5. Not Being Clear about What They Want. Identifying your goals help achieving them faster.  
6. Wasting Time Talking about Problems. If something is bothering you, ask your Coach to teach you how to deal with it in a safe and helpful ways.

How to Choose the Right Coach for YOU:

  • Choose a Coach or a Program Based on the Value They Provide (NOT based on the price). 
  • Choose a Coach Who Have Achieved what You Want to Achieve.
  • Make Sure that the Coach and Coaching Programs are Flexible and Adjustable to suit Your Individual Needs and Interests. 
  • Take Advantage of the Free Consultation Session that most Coaches Offer to determine whether a Coach or a Coaching Program can help you achieve Your Goals.
  • Coaching is All About Transformation (NOT Information): You should see some positive results within 2 to 4 weeks. 


Tips to Benefit the Most from Coaching

1. Be Honest with your Coach about what you wish to achieve, and/or overcome. If you are not sure, ask your Coach to help you find out. 
2. Focus on the Solutions: During the Coaching Sessions, focus on what You Want. If you need to get something off your chest, ask your Coach to teach you how to do it in safe and helpful ways.
3. Implement, Practice and Take Actions: Attending a Coaching Program is NOT enough. 
4. Give Feedback: Let your Coach know what is working and what is NOT working for you, so that your Coach can give you strategies and tools that are more suitable for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the Art & Science of Happiness Coaching Programs and other Coaching Programs?

Most other Coaching Programs are based on the experience and best practices of the pioneers in the Coaching Business, which started in the 1990s. They are based on the idea that the Client already knows all the answers; and they use techniques to help the Client come up with the solutions.
The Art & Science of Happiness Coaching Programs are based on Scientific Studies in Positive Psychology; Neuroscience; Nutrition and other sciences. They are practical and customized for each Client’s specific needs. The First Program covers Physical, Mental, Emotional & Spiritual Happiness. It includes the Principles that will increase the Client’s level of Consciousness / Energy / Vibration to 540 degrees (the level of Unconditional Love, Inner Joy & Healing) on the Scale of Consciousness. It is for people who wish to grow Spiritually, not just achieve material goals. The Second Program covers Happy Relationships; Happiness at Work; Happiness & Money; and The Secrets to A Happy Home: How to Organize Your Personal Space To Optimize Your Life.

What is The Science of Happiness?

It is called Positive Psychology: it is the Scientific Study of Happiness and Positive Emotions, where the focus is on cultivating Strengths, Optimism, and Self-Esteem.

Why Happiness Matters!

Happiness is the ultimate goal in life! Besides that, medical evidence suggests that being Happy affects our health, our memory, and our capacity to heal, learn, and solve problems.
In addition, Happiness is Contagious: when we are happy, we affect all the people we know, their friends, and the friends of their friends, even if we have never, or will ever, meet them.
Happy people tend to:
  • Be healthier, heal faster, and live longer;
  • Have better relationships, and a stronger network of friends and allies;
  • Be more likely to get married, be happier in their marriage, and stay married longer;
  • Be more likely to be hired, promoted, and make more money;
  • Be more creative, more confident, and more productive;
  • Be better leaders, negotiators, and citizens. 

Isn’t Selfish to Be Happy?

Being Happy is the best thing you can do for yourself and everyone else around you.  When you are happy, you affect positively all the people you know, their friends, and the friends of their friends. How cool is that?

How Can I Be Happy with all the misery in the World today?

Scientific Studies show that Happiness is Contagious!
When you are happy you will be part of the solution, as you will contribute to the collective consciousness of all the people around you, your community, and all humanity.



The Most Common Myths about Happiness

Most people believe that:
1. Happiness is Genetic and We Can NOT Do Anything About It. While genes affect our happiness to a certain degree; scientific research demonstrates that we can overcome our genetic programming through training. 
2. They Will Be Happy When They Achieve/Get Something: when they get rich; get the job; the relationship; the house; or the car etc. True Happiness is a Spiritual goal, therefore, all material goals will make you happy only temporarily.
3. They Will Be Happy If Their Circumstances Would Change. Scientific studies show that  circumstances determine only about an average of 10% of our Happiness.
4. Happiness is Just Fleeting Pleasures. True Happiness is much more than pleasure, and can last a life time. Having fun is good for you, however, most people seek an escape from their situations, and therefore, they indulge in behaviors and activities that often lead to regrets afterwards.


What is Neuroscience?

It is the study of the Brain. Thanks to modern advanced technologies, we know what happens in the brain when we do certain things. Your Brain is involved in everything you do, and builds new Neurons (Brain Cells) that reflect what you learn and the changes you make, to make them last. That is why change takes time.

Does Nutrition Really Matter?

Nutrition plays a major role in our Health and Happiness. If you do NOT eat well, you will suffer: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
Unfortunately, there are a lot of conflicting and misleading information about nutrition. Most diets, common health advice, the so-called “healthy” foods, and even the well-known food-pyramid, are all based on theories NOT science, and can do more harm than good.
A healthy well-balanced diet should be part of a healthy lifestyle: it nourishes your body to function optimally; have plenty of energy; good mood and mental clarity; and easily keeping a healthy weight.

The Most Common Misconceptions About Health! 

Most people believe that:
1. All Diseases are Caused by Genes. NOT True. Less than 5% of the people are born with genetic defects. 
2. Health is the Absence of Disease. NOT True. Being healthy means feeling your best; having a lot of energy and vitality; good mood and mental capacities; moving smoothly; and easily keeping the right weight for your body. 
3. Food and Lifestyle have Nothing to do with Health. NOT True. Studies show that 80% of all chronic diseases are caused by diet & lifestyle, and therefore, they are preventable and reversible. 
4. They Eat Healthy Foods, even though they are Sick, Overweight and/or Miserable. NOT True.  If you have any health issues; there are other factors, however, the first thing you need to consider is your diet.
5. Eating Healthy is Expensive, Boring, Doesn’t Taste good, and Time-consuming. Not True. Compared to the cost of medical care, healthy foods are actually cheap. Remember: most foods that are labeled healthy are NOT. Once you learn the Principles of Healthy Eating, you can modify your meals to your taste. If you have no time to prepare your meals and take care of yourself, do you have time to be sick? 
6. Pains and Illnesses are Inevitable as We Age. NOT True. All over the world, there are thousands of centenarians (people who are 100 years old) who are happy and healthy, and still live an active and productive life.
Zafira, the Happiness & Wellness Coach, is now in her 50s, still wears the same size as she was in her 30s, and she is Happier & Healthier.


How Does The Happiness Coaching Program Work?

Once you determine your goals, during your first free Consultation with your Coach; she will customize a Program for your specific needs; and will guide you step by step towards achieving your goals, through regular meetings, either in person or through Skype.

Where to start!

It’s best to start with the Happiness and Physical Wellness Program. It’s the foundation for all other Programs. When you are healthy, you will have the energy and mental capacities to achieve any goals you want. When you are unhealthy, it will be hard to achieve anything. Then you can choose any other Programs you want.



How Long Does it Take?

Each Program takes between 8 to 12 weeks depending on your goals. However, you can try it for 30 days.

What is the Investment?

For an 8-week Program
Paid in full:      US$ 1950
Or 2 payment: US$ 1000 x 2
Or 3 payment: US$   700 x 3
If you paid in full for a Program, and after 30 days you want to stop, you will be refunded the remaining fee. 
To find out more, please send an email indicating clearly your goals, to this email: joy.or.above@gmail.com
Zafira will be happy to answer your questions and help you Get the Highest Return from Your Investment.



Are You Ready to Embark Upon a Journey Towards Your Happiness & Wellness?

Request a Free Consultation to find out how you can benefit from the Happiness & Wellness Coaching Programs.  Please contact Zafira at:
Email: joy.or.above@gmail.com
Phone: +962-7-77 22 55 90
Working Hours: From 3.00 PM to 6.00 PM, from Sunday to Thursday.


Do You Have Questions? 

Zafira hopes that you have found this Guide of tremendous value! She welcomes your inquiries and will be happy to answer your questions about her Coaching Programs over the phone, by email, or in person. You can contact her at:
Email joy.or.above@gmail.com
Phone: +962-7-77 22 55 90
Working Hours: From 3.00 PM to 6.00 PM, from Sunday to Thursday.


 The Art & Science of
Coaching Programs

The greatest gift -Pic Qoute

The Art & Science of Happiness Coaching Programs are practical and based on Science. Each Program is customized for each Client’s needs and interests, and may include any combination of the following Programs:

First Part: Self-Development Programs

Happiness set-point-Chart -lyubomirskyModule 1.0 – Introduction to The Science of Happiness

What Determines Your Happiness and What You Can Do About it

The 3 Levels of Happiness

Daily Strategies for Happiness 





Module 1.1 – Physical Wellness 

  • The Principles of Physical Wellness to Optimize Your Health, Energy and Vitality!
  • Happiness & Diet: Which Foods make you Happier & Healthier: Principles of Healthy Eating and how to prepare healthy and delicious meals.
  • Happiness & Lifestyle: How to make small Lifestyle Changes to improve Your Health and Happiness; Manage Your Weight Easily (without dieting or hunger or even counting calories); Prevent Chronic Diseases, and Reduce Pain.
  • Health & Beauty: How to Grow Naturally Healthy-looking and Glowing Skin, Hair & Nails. This includes how to make your own Natural Body-Care Products.


Module 1.2 – Mental Wellness: Happiness is a State of Mind! 

  • Optimism: How to overcome negative thoughts, and replace them with positive ones;
  • Mind Power: How to improve your mental faculties, boost your memory, focus and mood;

Module 1.3 – Emotional Wellness

  • Develop Love-based Emotions;
  • Manage fear-based emotions: How to overcome negative feelings (anger, fear, worry, anxiety, guilt, shame, etc.) and replace them with positive ones;


Module 1.4 – Spiritual Happiness: The Highest Level of Happiness that can last a lifetime. 

  • The Principles that when understood and practiced, will lead naturally to True Happiness. 
  • This Program will help increase your Level of Consciousness between 540 (Unconditional Love, Inner Joy, Healing) to 600 (Bliss & Inner Peace) on the Scale of Consciousness. 


Second Part: Life-Improvement Programs 

Module 2.1 – The Foundations of Happy Relationships: How to build Loving Relationships; Improve Your Relationships; and Deal with Difficult & Negative People.

  • The Keys to Happy Relationships: Loving Relationships make us Happy and Healthy;
  •  The Purpose of Relationships: why you are affected by other people’s behavior; and what to do about it. 
  • Healing Unhealthy Relationships; and Handling Difficult & Negative People.

Module 2.2 – Happiness at Work:

  • Find Your Purpose: How to find and build a career you Love based on your natural strengths, values and passions (not the market);
  • Develop Your Professional Skills: How to move forward and upward in your career;
  • Stress Management: How to cope with stress.
  • How to Deal With Difficult People at Work.

 Module 2.3 – Happiness and Money!

  • The Money Principles: How to Generate more Money; Manage Your Money; How to use Money to enhance Your Happiness. 
    Research in Neuropsychology shows that Money itself does Not bring long-term satisfaction, but what we DO with it brings a much deeper satisfaction.

Module 2.4 – The Secrets To A Happy Home: The Art & Science of Organizing Your Space To Optimize Your Life!

  • The Basic Principles of Organizing Your Space: organizing your home in ways that will allow the natural flow of energy. Clutter represents stuck or stagnant energy, and it can have negative effects on any areas of your life depending on where the clutter is. When all the areas of your home are clean and well-organized, your life will improve: you will feel better physically, mentally, and emotionally; your relationships and finances will improve.   
  • Optional: get help with organizing your home.


When You Are Ready to Embark Upon a Journey
Towards Your Happiness & Wellness;
You can 
contact Zafira at: 

Email: joy.or.above@gmail.com
Phone: +962-7-77225590


Remember that:

  • Your Time will pass anyway;
  • Your Money will be spent in any case;
  • Your Energy will be wasted if NOT focused on what’s important to you!
  • Choose Wisely How You Invest Your Time, Energy, and Money! 


May You Always Make
Wise Choices & Decisions
Lead You To Be
Happy & Healthy!


a year from now

To Your Happiness & Wellness!


Zafira Labadi
Happiness & Wellness
Coach & Mentor


Committed to Helping You
Live Happier & Healthier 🙂

Email: joy.or.above@gmail.com
Tel.: +962-7-77225590




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