How To Become Happy?

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Want to Be Happy?

Everybody wants to Be Happy, Healthy and Successful, but it is NOT easy. Why?
 Because you are constantly bombarded with a lot of confusing and conflicting information; false claims; and misleading advertising. For example, a fast-food company promises you that you will be “happy” if you eat their foods. Foods, which are low in nutrients and high in calories, and can actually make you obese, sick and miserable, if consumed for a long period of time.
So, where do you start? And how do you find the Truth? You start by educating yourself: by reading this fact-filled guide, which is written to help you discern the Truth and what is good for you, so that you can make an informed, intelligent decision; and avoid the mistakes that most people make

Your Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Coach!


What is Coaching?

Coaching is a high level of personal training. It is the best and fastest way to help You bring about positive changes in Your Life, achieve what You want, and overcome any challenges you may have.
Coaches educate and support their clients to achieve their goals through lifestyle and behavior adjustments. They provide you with strategies and tools, and show you how you can progress rapidly, and they support you, and give you honest feedback. Their knowledge becomes yours. 

Why do you need a Coach?

We ALL need all the help we can get! All the successful people, in all walks of life, from arts, to sport, to business, without exception, have Coaches that helped them achieve their goals.
If you want to accelerate your growth in any area of your life; achieve a worthy goal, or overcome a challenge; it would be very beneficial to hire a Coach. A good Coach will help you become the best version of yourself.
Life is short, and without guidance, you can waste valuable years trying to gain knowledge from various sources. It is better to have a Coach or Mentor so that you can learn what has been proven to work.
Most Coaches have been on this road for a long period of time; they will share with you what works, and what does not; and therefore, they will save you a lot of time, energy, and money. 
Clients come to Coaches for many reasons: some people want to become Happier and Healthier; some want to become more Successful in their careers; some want to overcome a challenge; others want to find Meaning and Purpose in their Life.  

The 3 Most Common Misconceptions about Coaching!

Most people believe that:
1. They do not need a Coach. We all need help to Be the Best we can Be.
2. A Coach will make them Happy, Healthy and Successful.  Your Coach will teach you and show you how to achieve what you want, however, you need to practice, implement, and take action.
3. Coaching is like Talk Therapy; they waste a lot of time talking about their problems. Scientific researches show that talking about problems does NOT help; it actually makes things worse.  

The 5 Biggest Mistakes to avoid when choosing a Coach!

1. Choosing a Coach and/or a Coaching Program based on the price, and NOT based on the Value they provide.
2. Not Being Clear about What They Want. Identifying goals help achieving them faster. 
3. Not Being Fully Committed to Completing the Coaching Program. Your commitment, showing up on time, and honoring your words and agreements, reflect the respect you have for yourself. 
4. Fail to Implement What They Learn. Attending a Coaching Program is NOT enough; you need to implement, practice and take action. If something doesn’t work for you, tell your Coach and they will help.
5. Wasting Time Talking about Problems. If something is bothering you, ask your Coach to teach you how to deal with it in a safe way.

Tips to help you choose the Right Coach for YOU:

  • Choose a Coach Based on the Value They Provide, and NOT based on the price. 
  • Choose a Coach Who Have Been in Your Shoes, and have achieved what you want to achieve in your life.
  • Make Sure that the Coach and their Coaching Programs are Flexible and Adjustable to Your Individual Needs. 
  • Ask Questions about the Coaching Programs, and how they can help you achieve your goals.


4 Tips to Benefit the Most from Coaching

1. Be Honest with your Coach: let your Coach know what you really wish to achieve, and the challenges you want to overcome — if you don’t know exactly what you want, ask your Coach to help you find out. 
2. Focus on the Solutions: During the Coaching Sessions, focus on what You Want to Achieve. Ask your Coach to help you achieve your goals and overcome your challenges. If you need to get something off your chest, ask your Coach to teach you how to do it in a way that will be safe and helpful.
3. Implement and Practice: You need to implement, practice and take actions.
4. Give Feedback: Let your Coach know what is working and what is NOT working for you. There is NO one tool or technique that is good for everyone. By being honest, your Coach can give you other strategies and tools that are more suitable for your individual needs.


The Science of Being Well

There are certain Fundamental Truths and Principles of Health that once understood and applied, the body will start the healing process.


There many factors that contribute to Heath, and Nutrition plays a major roll.  There are so many conflicting information about food and diets that they cannot all be True. Unfortunately, most modern diets, health advice, the so-called healthy foods, and even the well-known food-pyramid, are all based on theories NOT science.
How can determine whether a certain diet or food is good for you? In general, dieting for the purpose of loosing weight does not work, counting calories is a waste of time, a restricted temporarily diet can do more harm than good; unless you are following a detoxing diet, which is recommended if you have any health issues. 
A healthy well-balanced diet should be part of a healthy lifestyle, that nourishes your body to function optimally, have plenty of energy, good mood and mental clarity, and easily keeping a healthy weight. If you have any health issues, then it is possible that the food you eat might NOT be good for you. 

The 4 Most Common Misconceptions about Health! 

Most people believe that:
1. Health is the Absence of Disease. NOT True. Health is much more than the absence of pains, aches and illness. Being healthy means having a lot of energy and vitality; good mood and memory; being able to focus and think clearly; sleeping well and moving easily; and keeping in the right weight for your body. 
2. Pains and Illnesses are Inevitable as We Get Older. NOT True. All over the world, there are thousands of centenarians (people who are 100 years old) who are happy and healthy, and still live an active and productive life.
3. Food and Lifestyle have Nothing to do with Health. NOT True. The number of chronic diseases, sick and obese people, and premature deaths, have increased significantly since the spread of modern diets and lifestyle.
4. The Foods They Eat are Healthy, Even though They are Sick and Miserable. NOT True.  There are several factors that contribute to good health, however, food plays a major role. If you are not healthy and happy, or do not have plenty of energy and vitality, then most probably, the food you eat is not good for you. It is hard to believe, but most of the so-called healthy foods, famous modern diets, and even the well-known food pyramid, are based on theories, NOT science, and they actually do more harm than good.  

The Science of Happiness

There is a scientific way to study happiness—it is called Positive Psychology, known as the Science of Happiness, where the focus is on cultivating Strengths, Optimism, and Self-Esteem.
Scientific researches show that we all can learn to Be Happy! 

Why Happiness Matters?

Happiness is the ultimate goal in life! Everything we do, we do it because it makes us happy, or to avoid being unhappy. Besides that, medical evidence suggests that being Happy affects our health, our memory, and our capacity to heal, learn, and solve problems.
Happy people tend to:
  • Be healthier, heal faster, and live longer;
  • Have better relationships, and a stronger network of friends and allies;
  • Be more likely to get married, be happier in their marriage, and stay married longer;
  • Be more likely to be hired, promoted, and make more money;
  • Be more creative, more confident, and more productive;
  • Be better leaders, negotiators, and citizens. 
Besides that, Happiness is Contagious: when we are happy, we will affect all the people we know, their friends, and the friends of their friends, even if we have never, or will ever, meet them. How cool is that?


The 4 Most Common Myths about Happiness

Most people believe that:
1. Happiness is NOT possible, or they can NOT be happy. Nothing can be farther from the Truth. There are many people who became Happy in spite of what is happening in the world, and regardless of their circumstances. 
2. Other people will make them Happy. Happiness is an inside job. The only person who can make you happy is YOU.
3. They will be happy when they achieve something: when they get rich; get the job; the relationship; the house; or the car etc. True Happiness is a Spiritual goal, and therefore, any material goal can make you happy only temporarily.
4. Happiness is nothing more than fleeting pleasure. True Happiness is much more than pleasure, and can last a life time. Having fun is good for you, however, most people seek an escape from their situations, and therefore, they indulge in behaviors and activities that often lead to regrets and pains afterwards.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is so special about The Art & Science of Happiness Coaching Program? And how is it different than other Coaching Programs?
There are several differences between the Art & Science of Happiness Coaching Programs and other Coaching programs:
1. Scientific verses Best Practices:
The Art & Science of Happiness Coaching Programs are based on scientific studies in the following fields: Positive Psychology (Known as the Science of Happiness); Neuroscience (the Science that studies the Brain); The Science of Being Well; and Nutrition. 
Unless it is clearly indicated, most other Coaching Programs are based on the experiences and practices of the pioneers in the Coaching Business, which started in the nineties. They are based on the theory that the Client already knows all the answers. They have developed techniques to help the client come up with the solutions.
2.  Individualized verses One-size-fits-all Programs:
The Art & Science of Happiness Coaching Programs are flexible and adjustable to the Client’s individual needs and wants — each person is unique, and therefore, each person need different approach to Happiness and Wellness.  
Most other Coaching programs have fixed one-size-fits-all Programs, even when it comes to Health & Wellness.
3. Comprehensive and well-structured Programs verses individual sessions:
The Art & Science of Happiness Coaching Programs are comprehensive and cover all areas of life, and are well-structured to guide you step by step to achieving your goals.  All areas of our life are connected and affect each other.
Not all other Coaching Programs cover all the different areas of the Client’s Life, and most of those who do, use the same approach by asking questions and letting the Client come up with the solutions.

If you have questions,
send an email to or
a text message to phone number 07-77225590
Zafira welcomes your inquiries and will be happy to answer your questions and help you in anyway she can. She dedicated her Coaching Career to educating and helping all her Clients get the highest return from their investment.


 The Art & Science of
Coaching Programs

 The greatest gift you can give yourself

The Art & Science of Happiness Coaching Programs are comprehensive, step by step guide designed to help you live a happier life based on Science.

Each Coaching Program is unique and designed to meet the Client’s needs and desires. A Coaching Program many include any combination of the following modules:

Module 1 –The Happiness Principles & Strategies:

  • The Principles and Strategies that have been proven scientifically that will increase your Happiness when practiced.

  • The different levels of Happiness and how to attain them.


Module 2 – Physical Wellness – Your Body is Your Temple!

One of the most common reasons people get depressed are the unhealthy food they eat; and their unbalanced lifestyle. 

  • The Basic Principles of Physical Wellness: How to Optimize Your Health, Your Energy, Your Vitality and Your Mood

  • Happiness and Diet: The Right Foods make you Happy; the wrong foods make you unhappy and sick. You will learn how to choose the right foods for YOU.  There are many diets theories, and each one of them is suitable for some people, however, none of them is suitable for Everybody. This includes preparing healthy and delicious meals.

  • Happiness and Lifestyle: How to make small Lifestyle Changes that will improve your Health and Happiness; increase your Energy, Flexibility, and Vitality; Help You Manage Your Weight easily (without dieting or counting calories, and without hunger and deprivation); Prevent diseases, and even reverse them:

    “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” ~ Benjamin Franklin

  • Happiness and Beauty: How to have a Natural Healthy-looking and Glowing Skin from the inside and outside. This includes DIY natural body-care products.


Module 3 – Mental Wellness – Happiness is a State of Mind! 

“What we think, we become.” ~ Buddha

  • Optimism: How to overcome negative thoughts, and replace them with positive ones;

  • Mind Power: How to improve your mental faculties, boost your memory, and focus;

  • Peace of Mind: How to develop your Inner Peace.

Module 4 – Emotional Wellness / Intelligence – The Heart is like a garden. It can grow Love or fear. 

  • Develop Love-based Emotions and Heal emotional wounds;

  • Manage fear-based emotions: How to overcome negative feelings (anger, fear, worry, anxiety, guilt, shame, etc.) and replace them with positive ones;

Module 5 – Happiness at Work: “When work is a pleasure, Life is Joy!
When work is a duty, life is slavery.” ~ Maxim Gorky

  • Your Purpose: How to find and build a career you Love based on your natural strengths and abilities, your values and passions, and what you love to do (not the market);

  • Develop Professional Skills: write a professional CV and cover letter; job search strategies; how to prepare for job interviews; salary negotiations; and follow up;

  • Stress Management: How to cope with stress.

  • Handling difficult people at the work.

Module 6 – The Foundation of Happy Relationships: How to build Loving Relationships; how to improve, and manage your relationships; and how to deal with negative people.

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”  ~ Jim Rohn

  • The Keys to Happy Relationships: Loving Relationships make us Happy and Healthy; toxic relationships can make us miserable and sick.

  •  The Purpose of Relationships: why you are affected by other people’s behavior; and what to do about it. If you are triggered by people’s behaviors, it is because there are some issues WITHIN YOU that need to be healed. 

  • Healing and Forgiveness: How to heal wounds caused by negative relationships; 

  • Handling negative people in your personal and professional relationships.

Module 7 – Spiritual Wellness – You Are a Soul having a Human Experience! 

  • The Spiritual Principles: Once you learn and practice these Principles, True Happiness will be a Natural Outcome. This is the Highest Level of Happiness and it lasts for life.

  • True Love: What is True Love, and how to cultivate it;

Module 8 – Happiness and Money:
“The only true wealth is conscious life.”~ Jacob Needleman
“Money cannot fill an empty soul.” ~ Julia Cameron

  • The Money PrinciplesHow to generate more money; manage it; and the best ways to use it to enhance your True Happiness.

Module 9 – The Art & Science of Organizing Your Space at Home: Whatever You Surround Yourself with, You Become!

  • The Basic Principles of Organizing Space: organizing and arranging the furniture in ways that allow the natural flow of energy; what to do and what to avoid. Clutter represents stuck or stagnant energy, and this can have negative effects on any or all areas of your life depending on where the clutter is. When all the areas of your home are clean, neat and well organized, all areas of your life will improve: you will feel better physically, mentally, and emotionally. In addition, your relationships and finances will improve.   

  • Optional: get help in organizing your home.

The Art & Science of Happiness Coaching Programs are tailored to suit your needs and desires. Each person is unique, and therefore, your path to Happiness is different.

Who is this Coaching Program for?
The Art & Science of Happiness Coaching programs are for people who are seeking Personal Development and Spiritual Growth; those who want to find Meaning, Joy, and Peace of Mind, and are willing to change.

Why do you need a Coach?

As humans, we’re wired to create the same problems over and over again until we learn how to change this pattern, that’s why it’s hard to do alone. If you are not happier and healthier than last year; or if you’re still dealing with the same issues /challenges; then you need a Coach. A Coach will help you see more possibilities, opportunities, and solutions. A good Coach will help you make the changes you want faster; and that will save you money, and years, or maybe decades, of wasted time and effort.

Where to start?

It’s recommended that you start with the first 4 modules as they are the foundation. However, if an area of your life needs urgent attention, then start there. All areas of your life are related, and working on one area will help improve all the other areas of your life.

Delivery of the Coaching Programs:

The Programs are delivered in private one-to-one Coaching Sessions, either in person, through Skype, or on the phone.

Duration of the Coaching Program:
The Programs are flexible and designed to suit you. Therefore, the duration of the program depends on the modules you wish to take. Each Module takes between 5 to 9 sessions depending on what you wish to learn and how deep you want to go. However, it’s recommended that you commit to a 3 month program. Scientific research shows that most people need 90 days to master a new skill.

Your Investment:
It depends on the modules you wish to take. No two programs are the same. Each person is unique and therefore, their path to happiness is different. Consider how much Your Happiness worth to you, and how much being unhappy is costing you!

For 3 Months: US$ 900*

* The Fee covers the Coaching Sessions and handbooks.

* It is possible to pay the fee in 3 installments.

* Bring a friend and get 5% discount.

Request a Free Confidential Consultation to find out if any of the Art & Science of Happiness Coaching Programs is suitable for you, by sending:

An email to: 

Or a text message to: +962-7-77225590 

Please indicate your full name, mobile phone number and email address, which areas of your life you wish to improve, and the best times and days to talk or meet. 

 Appointments: between 14.00 — 18.00, from Sunday to Thursday.


“Do something today that your future self will thank you for.”
~ Anonymous


Remember that:

  • Your Time will pass anyway;

  • Your Money will be spent in any case;

  • Your Energy will be wasted if NOT focused on what’s important to you!

  • 50% of Your Happiness is determined by Your genes, and can be changed by training.

  • 40% of Your Happiness is determined by Your Decisions and Choices! So choose wisely how You want to invest Your Time, Money, and Energy! 




healthy food

Your Happiness and Health: The Secrets to Health and Vitality!

In this mini-course, you will learn the foundation of health and vitality, how to prepare healthy and nutritious meals, including sweets that are healthy and very tasty; how to keep your ideal weight without counting or restricting calories; and heal your body from chronic fatigue and have more energy. You will be able to taste the healthy meals and receive a booklet that includes the recipes. This mini-course is delivered either in a private one-to-one or in small groups.

Duration: 4 sessions, 90 minutes each
Investment: US$ 500  

Send and Email to:

Or call: 07-77225590 (between 2 – 3 PM, Sun – Thu)


Invest in Your Career  - LogoNeed a new Job?

Learn Job Search Strategies; Writing a Professional CV; Job Interviews Skills; and Follow-up!

In this mini-course, you will learn how to look and apply for jobs; write a professional CV and cover letters; what to do before, during, and after  job interviews; how to negotiate job offers, and choose the best job for you; and how to manage stress during job interviews. 

Duration: 4 sessions, 90 minutes each
Investment: US$ 500 

Send and Email to:

Or call: 07-77225590 (between 2 – 3 PM, Sun – Thu)


a year from now

May You Always Be Happy!

Zafira Labadi
Happiness & Wellness Coach
Committed to Helping You
Lead a Happier life 🙂

For more information or to
Book Your Free Consultation:
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