Peace Support Group: Servas Jordan

Peace Support Group!

It isn’t enough to talk about peace,
one must believe it.
And it isn’t enough to believe in it,
one must work for it

~ Eleanor Roosevelt




Servas International 


With every true friendship we build more firmly the foundations on which the peace of the whole world rests.”
~ Gandhi

Servas was established in 1949 in Denmark by young pacifists from several countries attending high school in Denmark by opening their door to like-minded people in order to work actively for Peace.

Servas is a non-profit, non-governmental organization accredited to the United Nations Economic Council. It is a network of Host and Travelers that promotes friendship and world peace though person-to-person contacts around the world.

Servas’ Aims:
Peace & Understanding through Travel & Hosting!

As stated in its charter, the aims of Servas are: … to help build world peace, goodwill and understanding by providing deeper, more personal contacts with people of diverse cultures and backgrounds … to share the hosts’ life and their concern in social and international problems, their interests in creative activity, and mutual responsibility for their fellow men.

This sums up Servas Philosophy:

“Strangers are just friends waiting to happen.” ~ Rod McKuen

Servas is a special way of seeing the world – a place where there are no strangers, only friends you have yet to meet. When you join Servas, you will become a part of a community of global peace seekers, and will have a wide network of friends you will never forget.

Now, there are over 14,000 Servas members in over 115 countries around the world, and the door is still open. Join us!

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Servas Jordan

Servas Jordan was established in 2007 when the Development Committee of Servas International asked Zafira Labadi, a member since 2003, to develop Servas in Jordan.

Zafira have hosted many wonderful Servas Travelers, who came from countries like Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, India, Indonesia, New Zealand, Spain, UK, USA, Venezuela, and other countries.

There are two types of memberships in Servas:

The first is as a Host: either an Overnight Host, which means you can host approved Servas Travelers for 2 nights at your home for free. Or a Day Host, which means that you can meet approved Servas Travelers during the day for coffee/tea, or share a meal, or you can show them around in your city/town. To become a Host, you need to complete the Servas Application Form.


The other type of membership is as a Traveler, which means that you can travel with Servas and be hosted by members in the countries you wish to visit for 2 nights for free. Or if you just wish to meet Day Hosts, they can show you around their cities or meet you for coffee/tea. To become a Servas Traveler, you need to complete the “Letter of Introduction” (LOI) form, this will be like your passport when traveling with Servas. There is a stamp fee for the LOI, and it is valid for one year, starting from the day of the approval of your application. You are advised to apply at least one month in advance before you travel, so that you can start communicating with your potential hosts in the country you wish to visit.

You can also apply for both, as a Host and as a Traveler. 

Here is how to join Servas Jordan:

If you are over 18 years old, friendly, open-minded, enjoy meeting people of diverse cultures and backgrounds, you can join Servas as follows:

  1. Send an email to to express your interest in joining Servas Jordan. Please indicate in your email whether you wish to join as a Host or Traveler or both. Tell us about yourself and your interests, and why you want to join Servas. Please write in the subject line of your email the word “Servas”, include in your message your full name, age, and your telephone number.

  2. Once you receive the Application Form, fill in your information carefully and return it by email.

  3. Once we receive your complete application, we will contact you to set up a meeting with you, to get to know you and to explain how it works in more details, and to answer any questions you may have about Servas.

We look forward to welcoming you on board!

For Servas Travelers who wish to visit Jordan:

Many people ask Zafira: “how safe is Jordan?” and the answer is: Jordan is safe, and women can travel on their own. However, you are advised to take the usual precautions when travelling anywhere in the world: never leave your belongings unattended or in the open; trust your intuition; if something seems like it is too good to be true; it probably is. Jordanians are usually friendly and hospitable, and they might invite you for coffee or tea. However, if you meet someone who is very friendly, be careful, especially if you are a woman.


Here are some interesting places to visit in Jordan:


Petra: a city carved in rocks by an ancient civilization called the Nabatean.


Wadi Rum: a beautiful sandy dunes and rocky mountains in the desert.



The Dead Sea: the lowest point on Earth.


Jerash: the ruins of a Roman city.



Dana: an old village and natural reserve.


Umm Ar-Rasas: a very ancient site where you can see mosaic.

Um Qais


Um Qais: ruins from several ancient civilizations, a wonderful view of Golan Heights and Lake Tiberias. 


For more information about Jordan, please visit the official website of the Jordan Tourism Board at:  (It’s available in several languages) 

If you have any specific questions about Jordan, please feel free to contact Zafira by email: — please write the word “Servas” in the subject line.

Zafira always looks forward to meeting Servas members in Jordan and/or in their country!

Happy Travelling & Hosting!

In Peace and Friendship!  

Zafira Labadi
Servas Representative in Jordan
For more information about Servas Jordan

Call: 07 – 77225590

If you are a Servas member and would like to connect on Facebook, here is the link to the Servas Jordan Group:

For more information about Servas International, visit this website:


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