Happiness Bank :)

Amman Happiness Bank 🙂

The purpose of the Happiness Bank is to connect people who can offer services and those who need these services. The services can be in exchange for money, or based on bartering (trading or exchanging services), or simply volunteering to help somebody in need. 

The idea of the Happiness Bank is more than just volunteering, as you will receive something in return, and therefore, you will complete the cycle of giving and receiving. This can be as simple as giving some advice, or help repairing or painting a home, or teaching some skills. On the other hand, you can ask for advice or help with something you need. You can also charge money for your services.

It has been proven scientifically that we experience positive emotions when we help others.

If you can offer a service or need help with something, please reach out. Please send all the details by email to joy.or.above@gmail.com

Thank You!


Need to learn
a new skill fast?

Happiness and Diet

In this mini-course, you will learn the basics of how food affect your mood and happiness, what foods to eat and not to eat, how to prepare healthy meals, including sweets that are healthy and don’t sabotage your mood or weight. You will learn the recipes.

Duration: 4 sessions, 45 minutes each
Investment: 350 JDs 

For more information, please
Email: joy.or.above@gmail.com

Looking for a Job?

This mini-course is for people who need to learn how to look and apply for jobs; write a professional CV and cover letter; what to do before, during, and after job interviews; how to negotiate salaries; choose the best job for you; and manage stress. 

Duration: 4 sessions, 45 minutes each
Investment: 350 JDs

For more information, please
Email: joy.or.above@gmail.com

Survival Arabic (For Foreigners) 

If you need help to learn the very basics of speaking Arabic to communicate on daily basis like shopping, eating out, using transportation and other services. You will learn the basic words and phrases you need when dealing with locals, without the need to learn complicated grammar or writing. It is delivered either in a private one-to-one or in small groups.

For more information, please
Email: joy.or.above@gmail.com

Books For Sale

Several books are available for sale at less than half price (from 3 JDs to 50 JDs).
The books are either new or in a very good condition.

They are as follows:

  • Business Administration:
    • Administrative Office Management;
    • Finance: Introduction to Institutions, Investments, and Management;
    • Marketing: An Introduction;
    • Advancing Women in Business
  • Get Into Any College: Secrets of Harvard Students (as good as new)
  • Human Resources Management:
    • The Comprehensive HR Operating Guide with 2 CDs; – Human Resource Essentials; (New)
    • The Roadmap to Diversity, Inclusion, and High Performance; (New)
    • Leadership in a Diverse and Multicultural Environment: developing awareness, knowledge, and skills; (New)
    • Perfect Phrases for Performance Reviews; (as good as new)
    • Figuring Things Out: A Trainer’s Guide to Needs and Task Analysis; (New)
  • The SHRM Global Learning Certification System (GPHR); 6 Modules/books (in a very good condition)
  • The SHRM Learning Certification System (PHR & SPHR); 6 Modules/books (in a very good condition)
  • Cambridge Examinations (CAE & CPE) (All books are as good as new)
    • The Certificate in Advanced English (CAE) Practice Tests: Student’s and Teacher’s Books.
    • Cambridge Proficiency Examination Practice 1 + 5;
    • The Complete Proficiency Practice Tests 2;
    • Practicing for Proficiency 1 + 2
  • Dictionaries: (All New – Never used)
    • Pictorial Japanese & English Dictionary (Oxford), (flexible cover, rare edition)
    • Lexicon of Contemporary English.
    • Kramers Woordenboeken Nederlands-Arabisch (Dutch – Arabic Dictionary)
  • Novels in English: (All New – Never used)
    • Kathleen Rowntree: Between Friends
    • Rudi van Dantzig: For a Lost Soldier
    • Simon Vestdijk: The Garden where the Brass Band Played

If interested in any of the above mentioned books,
Email: joy.or.above@gmail.com 

Used Stamps for Sale

A wide collection of used stamps from around the world are available for sale.

If interested, please
Email: joy.or.above@gmail.com 

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