Happiness Book Club!



The Happiness
Book Club!

The Happiness Book Club!

The Happiness Book Club is for people who love reading positive, uplifting and non-fiction books, enjoy discussing what they have learned, and love sharing ideas with like-minded people.

The purpose of the Happiness Book Club is to increase the participants’ level of happiness through reading uplifting books on subjects related to the Science of Happiness. 

Advanced knowledge of English is required as all books are in English. Discussions are either in English or Arabic depending on the preferences of the participants. We discuss and share ideas from the books we read, and our experiences in applying what we learned.

Meetings are about 2 hours long, once a month in the afternoons during week-ends, in a private home. The meetings are educational and fun.

Membership Fees: The fees depend upon the number of the members of the group, and it is to cover the expenses of running the meetings. 

To join: please send an email to joy.or.above@gmail.com

Important: Please note that the Happiness Book Club is a smoking-free zone.

For more information, please
Call 07-796 73 273 or
Email joy.or.above@gmail.com