Must-Know News: Who is behind covid? & Why You Must Prepare for the Metaverse.

Big tech companies are spending billions of dollars in developing a new technology: the “metaverse”. They envision a future where everybody is plugged into their matrix, which they control. They have been developing the technology for a while, and selling it as a way for progress and convenience. Parents and Teachers need to be aware of the danger of these technologies and protect the children. Parents must raise up their children to cherish life; and to embrace moral values.

Must Know News: What’s with the Economy, Who Owns The World & the Truth about Biggest Scam!

What's with the Economy? The cartoon above says it all! It is the same story in most countries all over the world. Believe it or not, it is all by design. How do I know that? A few courageous world leaders spoke out and told the world that they have been offered a bribe to literally crash their economy.

New Facts and Some Solutions to Our Biggest Challenges!

This is a follow up on the previous article: The Biggest Challenges of Our Time. The purpose of this article is to look at the big picture of the current events; to suggest some practical actions to take; and to explore the opportunities that are available for us to wake up, to protect our basic human rights, and to take back our freedom. With knowledge comes power, and my hope is that the information in this post will empower and motivate you to do whatever you can to take control of your health and your life.

The Biggest Challenges of Our Time and How to Cope!

With the recent rapid escalation of events all over the world, I wanted to follow up on the previous article, The Biggest Lies of Our Time and How to Cope. In this article, I focus on 3 important topics: The Hidden Agenda behind the current crisis; The Biggest Challenges of Our Time; and How to Prepare for what is coming.