New Facts and Some Solutions to Our Biggest Challenges!

New Facts and Some Solutions to
Our Biggest Challenges!

This is a follow up on the previous article: The Biggest Challenges of Our Time. The purpose of this article is to look at the big picture of the current events; to suggest some practical actions to take; and to explore the opportunities that are available for us to wake up, to protect our basic human rights, and to take back our freedom.

With knowledge comes power, and my hope is that the information in this post will empower and motivate you to do whatever you can to take control of your health and your life.

There is a lot of information here. Normally, I would recommend that you aim to watch one video, or read one article per day, as it can be overwhelming. However, videos and articles are being deleted at an alarming rate. That is why I wanted to share as much information as I could, instead of posting several articles. So, I suggest that you watch and read as many as possible while you can, or if possible, download and save them to watch and read later. Feel free to share the information with the people you know.

1. Let Us Look At The Big Picture!

In order to figure out how to deal with the challenges we face, we need to look at the big picture, connect the dots and understand what is really going on right now. Here is a summary of the biggest challenges we face today, and what you can do about them:

The Health Crises

  • The current health crisis is a scam: it wasn’t the first one, and most probably it won’t be the last, however, it is the biggest so far. According to some researchers, these scams have been going on, at least, since the 1980s; started with the AIDs crises (yes, it was also a scam: AIDS is not caused by a virus). Others say that these scams (false flags) have been going on for centuries, and there is evidence to support that.

    This scam / crime was committed by a network of globalists elite (the 0.0001%) who have managed to disguise themselves as ‘health professionals’, ‘philanthropists’, and founders and heads of ‘non-profit’ international organizations. They are very rich and powerful, and yet they want more control, more power and more wealth. They have gained US$ 1 Trillion over the past few months, while the majority of people are suffering.

    What can you do? Seek and speak your truth. Share this information with everybody you know.
CV19 scam is the biggest crime of the century
  • The strict imposed measures: if you think that wearing a mask, distancing, isolation, and lockdowns are about protecting our health, think again! In fact, it is the exact opposite. There are scientific studies that show that wearing a mask for a long time can cause brain damage due to lack of oxygen. That isolation can lead to feelings of loneliness and depression. That unemployment leads to poverty, depression, crimes, and may lead to suicide. The real reason for all of this is about conditioning, manipulating and controlling people, and eventually imposing vaccines on them. This is dictatorship and tyranny. If you comply, they win.

    What can you do? Stop complying with these unlawful and unconstitutional orders and restrictions.
  • The corruption of the current medical care systems: this is not to say that everyone who works in the system is corrupt, however, the vast majority of them have been brain-washed by big pharma to do what they have been told, without questioning. Medical schools, and most ‘scientific’ researchers and publications are funded by big pharma.

    Since the beginning of the current crisis, many medical care providers have spoken out that they were given instructions to use inappropriate treatment protocols, to report all positive ‘cases’ of the novel virus, based on fake tests; and to falsify death certificates to indicate that people died “with covid-19” (not from it) without indicating that these people had other serious pre-existing health conditions, which is the real cause of death. In addition, they were given financial incentives when they follow these instructions, otherwise, they would lose their job, license, or funding.

“Medical science has made such tremendous progress that there is hardly a healthy human left.”
~ Aldous Huxley

What can you do?
Educate yourself. Listen to your body and trust your intuition. Seek the help of decent medical care providers who will work with you, explain all your options, and obtain your informed consent.

Please watch this interview with a brave journalist reporting what happened in home care facilities in her country — it is the same story all over the world.

The high death rate in Care Homes
  • The PCR tests are scientifically meaningless: Dr. Kary Mullis, the inventor of the Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) technology, said that it was not meant to diagnose any disease. They are testing for genetic material, and they can be manipulated. Therefore, a ‘case’ doesn’t mean infected or ill, and the numbers of ‘cases’ reported by governments and main stream media is misleading. They have chosen this test purposely so that they can manipulate the results.

    Another disturbing thing about thses tests is that many reporters said that these tests swaps may have been delibrately contaminated either with genetic materials that cause the tests to give positive results, or with microchips and nanotechnologies that can enter the body of the people who take these tests without their knowledge.
PCR tests

What can you do? Refuse to take the test! Stop listening to false reports. If you have been personally hurt by these tests, you can sue those who are responsible.

Good News: there are several lawsuits against the people who are responsible for choosing this test. Please watch this video to learn more.

Lawsuit against fact checkers re covid tests.
  • Everything we have been taught about viruses is wrong: scientists have just begun learning and understanding the nature of the human microbiome. There is enough evidence that shows that viruses do not cause diseases. They are a mechanism to get rid of the pathogens.

    What can you do? Stop worrying about viruses. Instead, strengthen your immune system by eating and living a healthy lifestyle; and avoiding toxins and bad habits.
coronavirus fear and germ theory.
  • Vaccines have never been proven safe or effective they actually cause more harm than the disease, because they contain very toxic metals, like mercury and aluminum, and genetic materials that should never be in theme.

    What can you do? Read the lists of ingredients and side effects (which are actually direct effects) in the inserts of the vaccines, to see if you are willing to take the risks, before you make your decision to take any injection.
What’s in the vaccine?
  • The new covid-19 injections are much more dangerous than the regular ones: they can cause illness and even death; genetically modify people and eventually manipulate and control them, as they contain microchips and nanotechnologies that will allow them to send and receive information from the new fifth generation satellites that are being launched into space for this and other purposes.

    What can you do? Please avoid these injections. Be willing and ready to take the consequences of refusing these injections. Reclaim sovereignty over your body! Be courageous!

    Very Important: If someone tries to force you, or your family, to take any injection, ask them to sign a liability letter. They will not sign them, because they know that the injections are dangerous. You can also send liability letters to your local authorities. It is very important to say “No”, because otherwise, they will assume that you agree with their policies and procedures.

    Please watch this video to learn more about the dangers of the new injections and the deception through main stream media; and please share this information with everyone you know.
The dangers of the new injections and the fake news in the media.
  • Food production, supplies and markets are being manipulated: food shortages are part of the big plan. Food prices are increasing significantly. Many essential food items are not available any more. Big corporations are forcing farmers to use genetically modified and patented seeds to control them and their produce. Big corporations are also producing artificial, fake, genetically engineered and modified foods made in labs, even things like fake baby milk and fake meat.

    What can you do? Avoid all fake, GMO, processed, and fast foods at all cost. Buy only natural whole foods. Buy in bulks to save. If you haven’t already, it is time to stock up on some stable foods, water, fuel and other essential items. If you can, grow some of your own food.
  • The hidden agenda: is to reduce, manipulate and control the world’s population through all possible means: through wars, starvation, causing and spreading fatal diseases, and vaccines. Wars are destroying the lives of millions of people in several countries all over the world. Thousands of people die of starvation every single day, most of them are children. Hundreds of thousands of people were sterilized, crippled and died because of vaccines.

Depopulation through forced vaccination

What can you do about it? Please educate yourself, do your own research and share this information with everybody you know and is willing to listen. Please watch this video to learn more.

Hundreds of thousands of people sterilized and crippled because of vaccines.

The Psychological Warfare

This is the first and most important weapon the tyrants use against the people and nations they want to conquer and control. Here is how:

  • They challenge people’s morale and morals: They do whatever they can to demoralize, dehumanize, humiliate, isolate, threat, and punish people, and enforce absurd demands on them. That is why one of the first things they did during the first lockdown was to shut down everything that Uplifts the Human Spirit: like concerts, theaters, museums, art galleries, cinemas, sports, parks and worshiping temples. They prohibited families and friends gatherings, business meetings and conferences, and all celebrations.
  • They provoke negative emotions: like fear, anger and hate among people to increase anxiety, worry and mistrust among people to create further divisions. These tyrants are psychopaths and they feed and thrive on people’s negative emotions.
  • They use mind control techniques: with the help of main stream and social media, they hypnotize, program and condition people’s minds, change their perception, and distract them from what is really going on.

    What can you do? Protect your mind. Stop listening and believing in their propaganda. Do everything you can to Uplift Your Spirit and those around you, on regular basis.
The systematic demolition of the human psyche

The Environmental Crisis

Geoengineering programs have been going on for decades: these include chemtrail; and weather manipulation (this is different from climate change, which is also a hoax) and it includes dimming the sun, artificial cloud-seeding, manipulating storms and changing their direction, which lead to droughts in some areas and floods in others. In addition to the pollution and poisoning of the environment by dumping industrial toxic chemical waste into all natural resources: water resources (rivers, lakes and oceans) air, soil and food; deforestation and artificial wild fires. All of these aim to destroy the ecosystems on the planet.

What can you do? This is not easy, because it is everywhere. However, here are some suggestions:

According to a whistleblower (link to his post is below), who used to work in a company that manufactured the chemicals that they spray from airplanes: these chemicals were delibrately designed to contain substances that cause “mood-alteration” and “flu-like symptoms.” His only advice is to live outside any populated area.

Doctors’ advice is to detoxify the toxins from our body on regular basis. The best detoxifiers are green leafy vegetables and herbs, especially cilantro; and citrus fruits, especially lemon.

Try to avoid going out when they are spraying. If you have a running nose, without the other symptoms of the flu or common cold, know that, most probably, this is your body’s reaction to get rid of the toxic substances — it is not what most doctors would tell you that you have an allergy to something; so that they can prescribe some medications, which, at best, will reduce some of the symptoms, and yet they cause damage to vital organs, especially the liver.

Do whatever you can to protect all living beings, including trees, which are being cut at an alarming speed to allow for the new technologies to work. Grow plants and flowers to provide food for wild animals, including bees, butterflies and small birds. Also put a bowl of fresh water daily for them to drink. Most of our food pollination depends on them.

Avoid using toxic chemicals in your garden, like pesticides, herbicides, fungicides; chemical fertilizers and any industrial waste. Instead, use natural compost. Use your food scraps to compost and fertilize your garden.

Avoid using harsh and toxic cleaning products in your home. Use natural and environmentally friendly cleaning products. This is beneficial for your own heath as well.

Avoid using wireless and the new fifth generation technologies. They have devastating effects on our body and all animals, birds, insects, and most plants. Our life depends on the plant and animal kingdoms. Among other things, plants emit the oxygen we breathe; purify the air and water; protect the soil; and provide our foods.

Consider buying the best quality you can afford of everything you need, whether it is clothes, toys or gadgets. They are more durable and will last much longer, which is more economic for you in the long term; and less waste for the environment. Consider donating your unwanted/unneeded stuff to those in need, or recycling them.

Chemtrails & Nutritional Solutions.

The Economic Crisis

  • The economic great reset: this is the main reason for the whole current health scam, and it is for the purpose of controlling and manipulating the planet’s resources and the people. Small and medium size businesses have been forced to close down for long periods of time, and as a result, many of them went bankrupt and many more will follow; while big corporations are thriving.

    What can you do? This is not easy. However, remember that the success of these plans depends largely on people’s compliance. Refuse to cooperate. If you can, go to work, open your business, or start your own business. Do support small and local businesses and farmers.
Your guide to the great reset
  • The corruption of the current financial system: since its beginning, the current financial system, which is fiat money based on debt, was designed to control, manipulate and enslave people.

    What can you do? It is not easy, however, you can minimize its grip on you by reducing your dependence on the system: if you can, avoid debt; pay off any loans or credit cards you may have as soon as possible; and use cash whenever you can.
Century of enslavement
  • A cashless monetary system is being pushed on us. Banks and government are pushing for a digital monetary system for the purpose of tracking, monitoring, and eventually manipulating and controlling people.

    What can you do? Use cash whenever possible. Find other ways to buy and sell items and services, like bartering or exchanging goods and services with other people without using money.
Cashless & Controlled

The Technocrats Agenda

What is Technocracy and Technocrats and why it is important to know about their agenda? Basically, technocracy is a system managed by technical experts (technocrats) using technologies to control people and all the resources on the planet. Their agenda is total global control: this includes all aspects of our life; health, social life, the economy, natural resources, and the entire planet; disguised under misleading slogans like ‘sustainable development’, ‘eliminating poverty’ and ‘protecting the environment.’

What can you do? Question everything. Follow the money and you will understand who benefits from these programs. If you choose to, you can refuse to be part of any of these programs.

Technocratic world order
  • The new wireless fifth generation technologies: which are harmful to our health, as well as to all life, and a threat to our privacy and even our existence. They can be weaponized, and are designed to collect people’s private information and sell it for profit to governments and corporations, so that they can control and manipulate people, and sell them their programs, services and products.

    What can you do? You can avoid buying and using any device that has these technologies; stop listening to their propaganda; and protect your health, and your privacy.
Fifth G Apocalypse – The Extinction Event.
  • Surveillance capitalism: tracking, monitoring and surveillance systems are everywhere, including your own home. These include most modern electronic devices; even baby monitors, which are harmful to babies, as they emit EMFs, and spy on you; as well as your electronic devices and you home security systems.

    What can you do? Avoid buying, and/or minimize using any device, equipment, or gadget that has the word ‘smart’ in its description, and that has a camera or mic. Remove tracking and monitoring apps from your devices, including health and fitness apps, and hide your location. Avoid putting personal information on the internet and social media, or saving important information on the ‘cloud’.
Surveillance capitalisme
  • Transhumanism: the merging of bioengineering, nanotechnologies and artificial intelligence with the human body for the purpose of manipulating and controlling people. Bioengineering can be useful for people who have lost a limb or an essential part of their body. However, I doubt that anybody would ever need microchips or artificial intelligence programs in them to function.

    What can you do? Avoid these technologies at all costs.
What you need to know about Transhumanism.

The corruption of main stream and social media

  • The spreading of propaganda, misinformation and disinformation. Many ‘journalists’, who are working in the main stream media, have been on the payroll of intelligence agencies for decades. Their job is to help the spreading of fake, fabricated and misleading news, in order to confuse and deceive people; and generate fear, anger and hate.
  • In some countries, big pharma funds and controls main stream and social media. They use these platforms to advertise for their products; and use their influence to censor any information that reveals the truth about their misleading propaganda.
  • Big tech companies invest millions of dollars in the media, including main stream and popular social media platforms, in order to control who says what, and they have been censoring, banning, deleting, de-platforming and silencing anyone and anything that questions their imposed false narrative.

    What can you do? Avoid listening, watching and using these platforms. Instead, follow and support independent truthful uncensored media and social platforms. I listed a few below. Copy, download and save any articles, audios and videos that you think are important on your own devices (not on the cloud); and share them with everyone you know. Keep hard copies and save books.
The lawsuit against facebook.

The Political Crisis

  • The suppression of freedom and human rights. Governments are controlled by big corporations — big banks, big pharma, big oil, big tech, and main stream media. Their main aim is to generate profit for their own private stakeholders at all cost, without any consideration to the health and well-being of the people and the planet. These corporations are using governments agencies to suppress our freedom and basic human rights.

    What can we do? Stand up and defend your freedom, your basic human rights, and your sovereignty. Disobey unlawful orders and regulations.
Robert Kennedy’s Message of Hope
  • Misuse of power: governments agencies are misusing their power to impose strict orders, rules and regulations, which are unnecessary and unconstitutional. In addition to the brutality and cruelty imposed on civilians who are doing their best to live their life and earn a living.

    What can you do? Never do anything against your conscience, regardless of who demands it. Vote for those who value justice, freedom and peace for all. Vote with your words, with your actions and with your money.
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is never-do-anything-einstein-1.jpg
  • The corruption of the current political systems: throughout history, tyrants have always used the old technique “divide and conquer”. All divisions between all people; whether based on race, ethnic, skin color, political or religion are artificial and purposefully created in order to control and manipulate people. Even the so-called ‘terrorists’ groups have been created, trained and funded by the intelligence agencies around the world to produce fear, anger, hatred, conflicts, and violence among people; to allow governments to impose and justify strict laws and regulations, to induce violence and declare wars, to invade countries and control their resources.
Secret gov projects

What can you do? Educate yourself about these issues. When you understand their techniques, and how they have been used against the people for millennia, you will understand the whole political agenda. You can choose to stop helping these programs and agendas; you can refuse to participate or work in these secretive and deceptive projects. Please watch this video in which Catherine Austin Fitts explains the whole plan and what you can do about it.

Catherine Austin Fitts eplains the whole global plan and what to do about it.

Catherine Austin Fitts eplains the whole global plan and what to do about it.
  • Secrecy: governments lie, cheat, and hide the truth from the people, claiming that they are doing so to protect national security, while in fact, they actually violate all laws and national security. They force all their staff members to sign a non-disclosure agreement and threaten them if they speak out about any of the projects they are working on. There is no freedom without transparency, justice and respect for all human rights. The truth is that we all have been lied to and mislead.

    What can you do? Do your own research, and seek the truth about any government agency or project that you may be involved in or influenced by. Be skeptic, curious and open-minded. Share what you know with everyone who is willing to listen.

The Suppression of New Technologies

Most probably, you have heard of the genius inventor Nikola Tesla (1856 – 1943), who invented a device that could generate free clean electricity from the unified field. He was planning to give it to the people, so that they can have access to free electricity. His research findings, papers and lab were confiscated and destroyed, and he died poor and lonely. His inventions were suppressed even today. There are many other geniuses like him who invented new technologies for healing and free energy, and they were all suppressed and destroyed. The reason is that these technologies are not profitable to big corporations, mainly big pharma and oil, and to the control freaks who want to control the world and every aspect of people’s lives.

What to do? According to people who have experience in this field, if you have an idea for a new device or technology, it is best to make it as public as possible, and to give it to the people directly; because as they say, if you try to register and patent it, it will be confiscated and the inventors will be destroyed, like all the others.

The biggest secret of all.

The New Crisis

Several politicians talked about a “dark winter”. Nobody really knows what they mean exactly. Some say that they might be planning another hoax pandemic (covid-21). Others say that it might be something to do with the financial (the economic reset), or the oil markets. Others say that it might be something to do with a possible collapse of the power grid, or a cyber-attack. Others think that division, violence and chaos are going to be escalated in the streets – we have already seen evidence of that happening in many places all over the world. Others think that the tension between the USA and Iran is going to be escalated and may lead to another war.

What can you do? I do hope that none of these predictions is true. However, it would be a good idea to prepare for the worst case scenario.

2. Time to Wake Up!

Even though all the above mentioned events seem separate and different; they are all related, orchestrated, financed and run by the same people. If the events and crisis we face today do not wake people up, and make them realize what is really going on, I don’t know what will.

As Dr. Mikael Nordfors wrote on his website
“If you cannot see that there is a vicious, criminal agenda behind all these events, you must suffer from a problem called cognitive dissonance, meaning that you refuse to see the truth, even if it is presented right in front of you.
It is time for us to stand up and say no to this, and to put the responsible persons behind this mega crime behind bars.”

It is time for all of us to wake up, to open our eyes and to realize the truth that we are at war; and the war is against all of us: all humanity. And it is time for all of us to stand up and defend our freedom and basic human rights.

How will WW3 be fought?

The good news is that millions of people are waking up: there are many demonstrations all over the world. Many people are showing up; they are protesting and exposing the lies and deception of the governments, and defending our human rights and freedom. However, we need to wake up more people, and we all need to participate.

Stand up and participate

3. Know & Stand Up for Your Rights!

This is happening all over the world: government officials, people of authority, and those who wear uniforms, have violated people’s basic human rights and freedom, and therefore, they can be sued for their crimes against individual citizens and all of humanity.

They say that

“Those who don’t know their rights have none.”

What can you do? Learn about and stand up for your rights. If you, or your family, have been attacked or harmed in any way, reach out and seek the help of professionals. There are many decent and honest lawyers, who can help you take legal actions against those criminals.

Medical doctors and lawyer allied against global malfeasance

More Good News: there are teams of courageous lawyers, in Germany and several other countries, who have already started the legal process to sue those who are responsible for these crimes against humanity. Please watch this video to learn more.

German lawyer sues those responsible for crimes against humanity.

4. Be The Change and Take Action!

To change the world, you must start by changing yourself. When you change how you think, and how you feel; the change within will allow you to see the world differently, and therefore, to take actions that otherwise you wouldn’t have.

Whatever challenges you may be persoanlly facing right now; most probably, there is something you can do about them. Without taking action, nothing will change. At the beginning, taking action can seem difficult because of the inner and outer resistance you will face. However, to achieve anything worthwhile, you must take action.

What can you do? As the Chinese proverb says:

“It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.”;

Any action you can take will be better than nothing. Think of something that you can do, no matter how small, and do it.

Please watch this 2 minutes video that summarizes 10 simple actions that you can take right away.

What can I do?

5. Remember Who You Are!

“Do you realise in your heart, in the totality of your mind, that you are the world and the world is you?
When you realise that you are the world, and it is really an extraordinary thing to realise that, not verbally, not as ideation, an idea or mental concept, but as an actuality, it is a tremendous thing. It breaks all limits of thought. It breaks down all barriers. It breaks down the very centre of your being, which is the ‘me’. When you say, “I am the world and the world is me,” there is no ‘me’. So it is a tremendous thing to realise. Then you’ll know what compassion is.
If all of you realise that now,
do you know what?
You would be marvelous human beings.
You would change the world tomorrow.”
~ J. Krishnamurti

Most people get caught up in the noises and busyness of the external and internal worlds, and tend to forget who they really are. In order to know yourself, you must develop spiritual practices on daily basis. There are many spiritual practices that you can learn how to do, like meditation, mindfulness, gratitude, acts of kindness, and forgiveness.

Here is a simple meditation that you can practice in the morning, or whenever you feel stressed. It is called the Loving-kindness Meditation. Here how to do it:

The Loving-kindness Meditation

Step one: take a few minutes to sit in silence in a quiet place. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Imagine someone or a pet that you love. Imagine them smiling/playing and happy. Take a minute to send them as much love as you can, and send them any blessings you wish to receive. For example, you may say:

Step two: take a few more deep breaths and imagine yourself smiling and happy. Take a minute to send yourself as much love as you can, and bless yourself. For example, you may say:

Step three: take a few more deep breaths. Take a minute to expand your love to include your neighbours, your city, your country and then the entire world: the Earth and all living beings. Imagine that all the people and all living beings of the world are happy. Hold your feeling as long as you can, and send them blessings. For example, you may say:

When you are ready, open your eyes and cherishthe warm feeling and calmness that comes as a result of this meditation. You can do or repeat it as long and as often as you wish.

As James Allen said:
Self-control is strength;
Right Thought is mastery;
Calmness is power.

Another very simple practice that you can do to calm yourself any time you feel anxious, stressed or worried is to pray. The most calming prayer I know of is the Serenity Prayer. Here how it goes:

The Serenity Prayer

The Serenity Prayer

I do hope that the information and the little tips provided in this article are helpful. Remember that you are the world, and the world is you.

As Alan Watts said: “You Are It.”

You Are It! – by Alan Watts

I thank you for reading and sharing this information;
and send You Many Blessings!

May You Be Happy, Healthy, Safe and Free!

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