The Biggest Challenges of Our Time and How to Cope!

The Biggest Challenges of
Our Time and How to Cope!

With the recent rapid escalation of events all over the world, I wanted to follow up on the previous article, The Biggest Lies of Our Time and How to Cope (published on 30 July 2020). In that article, I wrote about the risks of wearing masks and social distancing; the true nature of viruses; and the dangers of vaccines. I updated it recently and added links to additional articles and videos to give you more information about these topics.

In this article, I want to focus on 3 important topics: The Hidden Agenda behind the current crisis; The Biggest Challenges of Our Time; and How to Prepare for what is coming.

The Hidden Agenda

To understand the big picture, we need to ask the following question: who benefits from this? Wherever we look, the evidence is clear; that it is always about control, power and money. It seems that the ultimate goal is to control the wealth, natural resources, and the people of the entire world; and to establish a new world order. This includes plans to reduce the world population, and to manipulate and enslave the rest; mainly by using new technologies, advance sciences and artificial intelligence; and by applying old techniques like divide and conquer, by creating conflicts, employing propaganda, spreading fake news and false information to propagate fear and anger; by censoring the truth and silencing those who tell the truth; and by using force and tyranny.

To learn more, I recommend watching the documentary series “Plandemic”; “How did we get here?” video, and the documentary film “Out of Shadows.” And read the article: “Unmasking Who is Behind The Plandemic.” See links below.  

The Biggest Challenges of Our Time

The biggest challenges we face today fall into 3 main categories: the health crisis; the economic crisis; and the political crisis.

The Health Crisis

If you have read the previous article (The Biggest Lies), you already know that the current health crisis was created based on lies. Now, governments all over the world are claiming that there will be a second wave because there are increased numbers of “new cases” based on a fake test that is never meant to diagnose anything in the first place, so that they can justify longer mask mandates, lockdowns, and more importantly, the new covid-19 vaccines mandate.

So far, we already know that masks are unnecessary, the test is fake, a “case” doesn’t mean infected or ill, and the pandemic is a scam. However, two things to be aware of, pay very close attention to, and avoid at all cost, they are: the new covid-19 vaccines and the fifth generation wireless technologies. Both of these will have tremendous negative effects on our health.

The New Covid-19 Vaccines

Most probably, you already know by now that vaccines, in general, are ineffective, unsafe and dangerous. If not, please read  and watch the recommended articles and videos below, or in the previous article, the Biggest Lies of Our Time or do your own research.

The new covid-19 vaccines that are already being manufactured and used, without proper testing, are much worse. They are so unbelievably dangerous that they seem like something out of a science fiction movie. The manufacturers of these vaccines are using technologies based on advanced sciences, like bioengineering, Nano technology and artificial intelligence, deliberately to control, manipulate and genetically modify people. These new technologies are being used under the umbrella of transhumanism.  Transhumanism is the merging of technology with the human body to “upgrade the human race”, it is called “Human 2.0”. The people who are investing in transhumanism believe that, sometime in the near future, they will be able to “upload their consciousness into a microchip and live for a very long time, and eventually live forever.” To learn more, please watch the videos about transhumanism below, and do your own research.

Independent doctors who are experts in this field say that the new covid-19 vaccines have the potential to kill and injure millions of people. Please read the related article below.

To have an idea about some of these new covid-19 vaccines, please watch this video. Pay attention to what Dr. Carrie Madej is saying about the content of some of these vaccines and what they will do once injected into somebody’s body.

The New Covid-19 injections

The Fifth Generation Wireless Technologies

Millions of towers are being installed and thousands of satellites are being launched into space all over the planet right now. The new wireless network will expose people to unprecedented high levels of microwaves, which are harmful to all life; and weaken the body’s immune system, and therefore, make people more susceptible to a lot of health conditions. Once installed, people won’t be able to opt out. Please watch this video for more info.

The main purposes of these new technologies are: surveillance and control; and to establish what is called “the internet of things”; and it is basically about collecting people’s information through mobile phones, and selling it to corporations and governments. It has already been done in different countries. For example, in China; it is called “the social credit”: those who don’t behave according to the commands of the authorities will be denied certain rights and freedoms. (Please watch this video.)

The Economic Crisis

I used to think, like most people do, that the current economic crisis we are facing — mass unemployment, bankruptcy, and poverty — is the result of the health crisis, or what is called the new covid-19 virus. However, there is a lot of evidence that suggests that it is the exact opposite: that the current health crisis was created as a cover-up for what is called “The Great Rest”, which is the theme for the upcoming world economic forum to be held in January of 2021.

An economic study was done in the 1980s showed that unemployment and poverty cause more deaths than any disease, as they lead to starvation and suicide.

A New Cashless Monetary System

Another thing that is going on right now: governments and banks are pushing for a new cashless monetary system. This will allow the authorities to easily track, monitor and control people everywhere they go, and everything they do and buy. By the way, a cashless monetary system has already been done in China.

Please watch this video to have an idea about what this will look like if these plans were completed.

How the future will look like if we don’t wake up!

The Political Crisis

The political scene is getting worse and worse every day. The level of corruption, lies, and the use of brute power by government is expanding exponentially.  In addition to the suppression of freedom of speech and self-expression, freedom of movement and gathering, and basic human rights; the increase of fake and fabricated news, censorship and silencing of people who tell the truth. Not to mention the funding of riots, creating conflicts, defunding the police and replacing them with robots.

How to Prepare for These Challenging Times

Here are a few examples of things that you can do to prepare for these challenging times:

Speak up

Please reach out and inform everybody you know about what is really going on; send them an article, a video or a documentary film to help them understand the real situation. The more people wake up, the more likely we will succeed in stopping this nightmare.

Practice Peaceful Resistance

The success of the implementation of the hidden agenda and plans to control the world depend upon people’s cooperation and obedience. Therefore, people need to stop cooperating, complying and following the unethical, unjust, irrational and senseless regulations and rules imposed by the authorities. Whenever possible, use cash instead of credit cards. Support local and small businesses. Avoid buying the new fifth generation wireless technologies. Use fiber and wired Ethernet instead. Minimize the use of smart mobile phones, put them on airplane mode whenever you can, remove the tracing apps, and hide the location on your phone. And avoid all vaccines.

Prepare for The Worst Case Scenario

Most probably, the lockdowns, the restrictions of people’s movement, and shut-down of small and medium businesses will soon lead to shortages of food, clean water and other essential supplies. So, depending on your location and circumstances, you may need to stock up on these items for you and your family. You may need to home-school your children. Have an emergency plan; and make sure you have enough cash.

Have Hope and Faith!

The good news is that even though those who are behind all of this are in powerful positions and wealthy, however, they are only a few in comparison to the entire population of the world: about one to a million. More importantly, everything they need to achieve their goals depend upon other people’s cooperation and compliance. Therefore, we must stop cooperating, complying and obeying unjust laws and orders. We need to unite for a common cause of freedom, truth, and the value of all life. We must unite in favor of all humanity; to set aside all our differences; to seek and speak the truth. We must unite to defend our freedom, instead of buying into fear or anger, or taking sides.  We must do everything we can to stop this nightmare. We must have faith that Goodness will triumph over evil. It always does. You need to do your part.

Be The Change

More good news: millions of people are waking up; they are demonstrating and protesting in defense of our freedom in many parts of the world.

Unite For Freedom Protest in London

Here is a video of a recent protest in London, in which Dr. Dolores Cahill gives the audience some practical things to do. She said: Be the change. Stop wearing a mask. Stop testing. Stop paying taxes. Withdraw your money from the banks. Turn off your mobile phones on Sundays. Send liability letters to the officials in your area.

Unite For Freedom Protest in London

Berlin Rally for Freedom & Peace

Here is another video of a recent protest in Berlin, Germany, in which Mr. Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. spoke to hundreds of thousands of people, on August 29, 2020. He said that the government and those with the greatest wealth and control have done a terrible job on public health and will shift us all to 5G and a cashless society. That they use fear to control people. That we must protect our fellow man, our vulnerable children and our freedoms and democracy!

Berlin Rally for Freedom & Peace

I hope that you found this article helpful.

May You Be Happy, Healthy, Wealthy and Free!

Zafira Labadi
Happiness & Wellness Coach

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