Friendship Day, The Biggest Lies of Our Time, and How to Cope!

Each Friend represents a world

Happy International Day of Friendship!

The International Day of Friendship is a UN Day to celebrate the role that friendship plays in promoting Peace. It is celebrated on 30 July.

I wish You a very Happy Friendship Day, Every day!

Zafira Labadi
Happiness & Wellness Coach

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3 things cannot be hidden - Budha

The Biggest Lies of Our Time!

You cannot fool all the people all the time

The truth is that the current crisis provides a pretext to powerful financial institutions and corrupt politicians to trigger the entire World into a spiral of mass unemployment, bankruptcy, extreme poverty and despair. And it is all based on lies. Here are some of the biggest lies we have been told:

The third set of lies are the claims that vaccines can protect from or prevent diseases. There is No proof, none whatsoever, that even one vaccine did prevent or protect anyone from any disease or virus. On the contrary, there is a lot of evidence of harm caused by vaccines. There have been many law suits and billions of dollars paid in settlements or as a compensation to victims who had been severely injured by vaccines. The truth is that vaccines are unsafe and ineffective, and more importantly, they contain harmful substances, toxic heavy metals like aluminum and mercury, and other additives that have been proven to cause severe injuries to many healthy young people, men and women, and especially children and teenagers.   Another thing that most people don’t know is the fact that the pharmaceutical companies that manufacture vaccines are NOT liable for the harm caused by the vaccines. This means that the compensation money paid to victims, who had been injured by vaccines, was paid by the tax payers. (Please read the article and watch the videos and films about vaccines below.)

Why am I Sharing this Information with You?

I think it is a moral obligation to share and speak about the truth as we know it. Some people don’t want to hear the truth, and that is okay. Some people think that “ignorance is a bless“, and they might be right. However, those of us who seek and want to know the whole truth and nothing but the truth must speak the truth, and want to share it with those who are willing to listen.

The truth will set us free. Knowledge is power; it is empowering and it decreases fear. To be free, we must seek and speak the truth. Otherwise, we will be exploited by those who understand human psychology, and who use fear to control and manipulate people.

Your Mission, if You Choose to Accept it,

is to seek and speak the truth, as best as you could, with compassion, kindness and the understanding that many people are going through a lot of pain and suffering.

In addition, most people have been so conditioned and brain-washed by their culture and the mass media that they are unwilling to listen to anything unless they hear it from what they perceive as an authority: the government, the media, a doctor etc. Or they might not be ready to hear the truth from you right now, and that is okay.  It is unnecessary to impose our views on others. It is best done by example. We influence others by who we are and how we behave rather than by what we say or have.

Please watch this video that explains why so many people refuse to see the Truth?

The Harsh Truth – Why So Many Refuse To See It

The Harsh Truth – Why many refuse to see it

How to Cope with Uncertainty in These Challenging Times?

  • Take care of yourself, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Remember the oxygen mask on an airplane: you must put it first on yourself before you can help others. It is a good metaphor for life.
  • Focus on what is important and on solutions: take care of the most important things in your life and all other things will fall into place. Be solution oriented instead of focusing on and being consumed by the problems.
  • Connect and surround yourself with like-minded people. We are stronger together. All the tactics, from “wearing masks” to “social distancing” to “self-isolation” and “stay home and be safe” propaganda, are meant to isolate, disconnect, and make people fear each other. They are all based on the old principle: divide and conquer.
  • Have a plan, and prepare for the future and unforeseen events. The crisis is not over yet. According to those who are behind it, “we will not return to normal until everybody in the world is vaccinated.” You need to decide what you will do, or will not do, when facing difficult situations.
  • Trust yourself: listen to your intuition, your gut feelings, especially when something does not feel right. The body has an innate wisdom, and when you trust it, it gives you clues to what is true. 
  • Question everything rather than buying into fear:  Question everything you hear, especially on the mass and social media. They are all socially engineered to brain-wash, manipulate and control people by using fear. To learn more, please watch the documentary film “Out Of The Shadows” below.

I hope that you found this article helpful.

May All Beings Be Happy, Healthy, Wealthy and Free!

Zafira Labadi
Happiness & Wellness Coach

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For more information, here are some articles and videos.

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Trace Amounts: Autism, Mercury and the Hidden Truth

For more info., go to:

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Viral Misconceptions – Presentation on The True Nature of Viruses

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Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe

For more info., go to :

The COVID-19 Lockdown: Economic & Social Impacts – Peter Koenig – The Global Research Report

Out Of Shadows – the movie (Must watch)


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